Area of Interest Funds

Making a Point

Bainbridge cyclistsArea of Interest Funds are permanent gifts to Bainbridge Community Foundation in support of a particular area of interest, which are used by the foundation to ensure long-term or special support in that area.

These funds are a good option for donors who care about specific issues and wish for the foundation to address those issues via the most effective means possible.

You can conveniently donate to any of these funds here.

Housing Action Fund

The Housing Action Fund is an Area of Interest fund established by the Bainbridge Community Foundation in 2009. The fund makes seed money available to nonprofits through revolving loan fund grants to take advantage of affordable housing opportunities.

Community Response Fund

The Community Response Fund is an Area of Interest fund that provides financial resources to nonprofit organizations for urgent health and human service needs on Bainbridge Island, especially during times of economic hardship or human or natural disaster.

Bainbridge Youth Sports Access Fund

Youth sports are vital to the health and well-being of students, but many Bainbridge Island students cannot afford the cost of participation fees. The Bainbridge Youth Sports Access Fund was established to address the financial barriers to Bainbridge High School youth participating in sports. Grant funds are distributed to Bainbridge High School to youth in need via the school’s existing confidential protocol.


To find out more about Area of Interest Funds, please contact us.

“Through Bainbridge Community Foundation we have enjoyed learning about our many local nonprofits and the positive roles they play in our lives. We also have seen wonderful examples of generosity on the part of individual citizens, actions which encourage giving by others.”
—Judy and Bob Karr, Bainbridge Community Foundation Fund Advisors