Community Grants Cycle

2020 Community Grants Cycle & COVID-19

The COVID-19 infections and subsequent public health measures are changing the way we all operate.

When we opened the 2020 Community Grants Cycle to applications, we couldn’t have anticipated the dramatic changes that have unfolded in our community.   While we know that there will be a return to normalcy sometime in the future, we also know the “when” is uncertain.

Due to these extenuating circumstances, BCF has made COVID-19 preparedness and responsiveness a top priority of our 2020 Grant Cycle.  We are requesting that each of our grant applicants examine the clear needs of its organization (be it an operational or service delivery need) and hone your application request for grant funding accordingly.   We ask you to really focus on what is most important for your organization and for the benefits it provides to our community.

Here are modifications that BCF has made to the upcoming CGC grant application process:

  1. Extended Application Deadline: We have extended our grant application deadline to two weeks to April 7, 2020.  We know that everyone is working remotely with competing priorities.
  2. Ability to Amend Submitted Grant Requests:  For those that have submitted grants applications, you have the opportunity to modify your request. Please contact Debbie Kuffel with any needed assistance.
  3. Remote Site Reviews: All site visits will be conducted by BCF community volunteers with past experience reviewing grants.  These site visits will be conducted either by phone or via an agreed upon technology.

Does your nonprofit organization want to apply for a Community Grants Cycle award? Here’s how!

Investing in Community

The Annual Community Grants Cycle is the heart of the Bainbridge Community Foundation (BCF) grants program. Each year since its inception in 2005, BCF staff and dozens of well-trained community volunteers  have spent hundreds of hours reviewing applications, conducting site visits, and setting priorities. BCF discretionary funds provide initial proposal funding; then Fund Advisors and the community at large are invited to partner with BCF to support these important programs. This community-based approach to grant-making ensures that community needs are met — by our own informed and engaged community members.

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Funding Sources

In addition to BCF discretionary grant-making funds, we partner with BCF Donor Advisors, private foundations, and other partners. Collaborative/partnership or innovative efforts are considered for the BCF Shel Klasky Award, which focuses on applications that promote a true collaboration between organizations and is funded by donations from board, staff, and Community Grants Cycle team members.

Comparative Overview

Does your nonprofit organization want to apply for a Community Grants Cycle award? Here’s how!

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“A grant from BCF is a strong stamp of approval in our community. It helped us leverage a grant from the Harvest Foundation and inspired confidence with our teaching artists for the financial sustainability of the program — since government funding for the program began to decline a few years ago.” —Bainbridge Island Arts and Humanities Council