Discover Bainbridge Island

The City in the Sound

Salish SeaBainbridge Island a place like few others. There’s a reason that many residents describe this island home as “paradise.” A beautiful natural landscape is complemented by friendly people who for generations have given of their time and resources to make their community a better place.

Whether you are a new visitor to Bainbridge Island or a longtime resident, there are many things to discover about the island. For information about the nonprofit community on Bainbridge, we encourage you to visit our Nonprofit Directory.

A few of our favorite resources for learning about Bainbridge:

Bainbridge Community Broadcasting
Bainbridge Community Broadcasting (BCB) is a terrific way to meet some of the people of Bainbridge Island. BCB’s site offers short podcasts about people, events, and activities on Bainbridge Island.

Bainbridge Historical Museum
Learn more about the history of Bainbridge Island and its people from the Coast Salish to lumberjacks, Japanese farmers, military intelligence officers, and artists and artisans.

Bainbridge Island Magazine
A lifestyle magazine for Bainbridge Island featuring the people, organizations, and amenities of Bainbridge.

“Thank you, Bainbridge Community Foundation, for helping all sectors of philanthropy in our community through your trainings, knowledge sharing events, and funding. We are truly grateful!”
—Vicky Marsing, Executive Director, Bainbridge Schools Foundation