For Nonprofits

Return on Investment

one_call_for_allBainbridge Island offers many unique benefits to its residents and visitors. Bainbridge Community Foundation (BCF) recognizes that a vibrant nonprofit community is responsible for keeping those benefits alive. We fund causes that matter to us all.

We provide financial support to local organizations during our annual grant cycle and through grants made year-round from other funds. All are critical to our community. BCF Board members and staff have deep community roots. We diligently review the finances and operations of each grant applicant to determine where BCF dollars will have the greatest impact. We give financial support to the following community sectors:

  • Education
  • Arts & Culture
  • Recreation
  • Environment
  • Health & Human Services
  • Housing
  • Public Benefit

Our Commitment to Nonprofits

We are a trusted advocate for local nonprofits and regularly engage with each nonprofit sector so that we can understand their goals, challenges, and strengths within a shifting economic climate. We give voice to nonprofits by listening to their needs and accurately communicating their purpose to interested donors.

We collect comprehensive data during our annual Community Grants Cycle, which allows us to understand how nonprofits operate and identify gaps and redundancies.

In addition to grants, we provide local nonprofits with leadership training to help build internal capacity, enabling these organizations to do what they do best.

“Bainbridge Community Foundation is a great partner to nonprofits in shaping and supporting the work we do. The foundation demonstrates its commitment to this community and the nonprofits who serve it on a daily basis and we are honored to work with them.”
—Susie Burdick, Executive Director, Kids Discovery Museum