Thinking Ahead

Bainbridge Youth ServicesThe core of Bainbridge Community Foundation’s work is to assist fellow community members in making a positive, sustainable impact in the extraordinary home that we share. We serve this mission by:

  • Surveying Nonprofits: Proactively analyzing the needs of our community
  • Strengthening Nonprofits: Providing tactical support to local organizations
  • Providing Grants: Financially assisting nonprofits in doing what they do best
  • Scholarships: Supporting educational opportunities for our youth
  • Philanthropy Awards: Recognizing the work of individuals and organizations positively impact quality of life on Bainbridge Island
  • Convening: Bringing different entities together to solve an issue or take advantage of an opportunity

We invite you to learn more about our foundation and how we can help you meet your goals for serving our community. Together, Bainbridge Island will continue to grow in way that supports the needs of every community member and brings us together as neighbors committed to the greater good.

We’d love to hear your perspective and get to know you, so let’s connect.

“It is a privilege to work with Bainbridge Community Foundation. They are both professional and approachable and a wonderful resource. BCF leverages the good work done by many nonprofits by offering educational trainings and opportunities for collaboration, keeping our community informed of critical issues, and supporting the work we do through their grantmaking. BCF helps us all to be the best that we can be for our community.”
—Rita Elsberry, Executive Director, Island Volunteer Caregivers