How to Give

Bainbridge Island ChoraleYou want to get involved. We can help.

The strength of a community is defined by participation. Bainbridge Community Foundation (BCF) provides a way for Bainbridge residents to become meaningfully involved in our community through charitable giving. You — and BCF — share a passion for all that is distinctly Bainbridge.

With your partnership, we help passionate and caring community members make a difference on Bainbridge Island through strategic giving and sound investment. We manage donor assets, invest those assets, and distribute grants to organizations that make a positive impact on Bainbridge.

BCF encourages donations of all sizes and welcome emerging as well as seasoned philanthropists into the critically important process of community building. When you collaborate with BCF to support our community, your return on investment manifests in many ways.

Gain financial education

We help donors navigate the data so they can make effective decisions based on sound research and solid strategy. Our expertise covers:
  • Local nonprofits
  • Areas of community need
  • Philanthropic trends and forecasting
  • Giving options and associated advantages

Make connections

We convene like-minded people and organizations to make meaningful connections within the community. We introduce donors to qualified organizations and connect nonprofits to local philanthropists. Our value and service to donors and local nonprofits in based on our ability to honor both groups.

Enjoy a simplified process

There are many factors at play in philanthropy: from the amount of money to how it grows, where it goes, and how it gets there. We make sure each piece of the process meets your needs and those of the causes you care about. Whether you already know which organizations you want to support, or whether you need our guidance, you will receive attentive, informed, and innovative service.

Reap the benefits of a community foundation

Working with BCF is an effective way to achieve multiple charitable goals, focus your giving strategy, support future community needs, and build legacy — all with low-cost administration. We provide donors with a simple process, prudent stewardship, and flexible giving options so that you can enjoy a rewarding philanthropic experience.
  • Increase the strength of your gift: We put your charitable dollars where they will make the biggest difference.
  • Extend the reach of your gift: We help nonprofits build internal capacity so they can more effectively use grant money.
  • Ensure the permanence of your gift: We focus on the long-term health of our community and grant money where it will make a lasting impact.
  • Stay engaged with how your charitable dollars are spent: We welcome donor involvement and encourage active participation in your philanthropy.
  • Benefit from tax advantages: Bainbridge Community Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation organized under the laws of the State of Washington. Contributions to the foundation qualify as charitable deductions as allowed by the Internal Revenue Service.

BCF Leadership Circle

Bainbridge Community Foundation welcomes donors who make unrestricted annual gifts of $1,000 or more into the Leadership Circle. Unrestricted giving supports the foundation’s discretionary grantmaking, special programs, and activities. These donors make a profound difference in the lives of countless who benefit from BCF’s Community Grants Cycleeducational programs, and nonprofit support and trainingTo make a gift to the BCF Community Fund, click here

“We were pleased to make a Donor Advised Fund at Bainbridge Community Foundation a beneficiary within our estate plan. It will help BCF make a permanent impact in our community. Additionally, our children, as fund advisors, will stay connected with issues bigger than themselves and be engaged in the disciplines of responsible philanthropy. As a byproduct they will have the opportunity to build relationships with the best of our community: those who share a philanthropic spirit.”
—Carl Middleton, Bainbridge Community Foundation Trustee and Board Treasurer,
and his wife, Salli Middleton