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Bainbridge Island is a special place. Our lush forests, coastal scenery, abundant wildlife, and rustic lifestyle create a serene escape from a city mere minutes away. Our public and independent schools are ranked highly and our children benefit from myriad community resources in athletics, recreation, arts, and the environment. Residents are educated and proud of the world-renowned authors and artists who hone their crafts here.

Bainbridge Islanders also care deeply about this place and volunteer to protect its natural resources, preserve its history, assist the elderly and the disabled, support the arts, and promote sustainable practices for the benefit of succeeding generations. With residents so invested in the well-being of this island, it was no surprise that community members came together in 2001 to create the Bainbridge Community Foundation. Their mission was simple: to encourage, inspire, and provide meaningful ways for people to enhance and sustain our unique way of life. We fulfill that role in the following ways:

  1. We seek to understand community needs. We regularly convene and survey nonprofit leaders to understand issues, opportunities, and pressing needs of the community.
  2. We make grants to meet those needs. We award grants to all sectors of the community and recognize the importance of balancing the needs of various sectors.
  3. We serve as a leading agent for philanthropy. Through our endowment, various funds, and charitable vehicles, we enable generous individuals to support important causes in the community.
  4. We provide expert guidance to donors and advisors. We assist in navigating the landscape of causes and nonprofits on the island and off-island and arrive at the best ways to address charitable goals.
  5. We help nonprofits improve capacity. Through capacity building grants, training programs, and technical support, we help nonprofits become more successful in their operations, communications, fundraising, and volunteer management.

Meet the Bainbridge Community Foundation team and our Board of Trustees.