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Bainbridge Island is a special place. Bainbridge Islanders care deeply about our home, and many invest their time and resources to support a high quality of life for everyone in our community. They work to protect its natural beauty, preserve its history, assist the elderly and the disabled, support the arts, create more affordable housing, and promote sustainable practices for the benefit of succeeding generations. With residents so invested in the well-being of this island, it was no surprise that community members came together in 2001 to create the Bainbridge Community Foundation. Their mission was simple: to encourage, inspire, and provide meaningful ways for people to enhance and sustain our unique way of life.

BCF has evolved over the past two decades and fulfills its mission in the following ways:

BCF analyzes community needs, awards grants to meet those needs, connects donors with nonprofits, offers public training on key topics, and supports capacity building and collaboration among nonprofits.

Meet the Bainbridge Community Foundation team and our Board of Trustees.