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We Welcome Your Partnership

There are many ways to serve our community by partnering with Bainbridge Community Foundation (BCF) in grantmaking. As a community foundation, our reach depends on your involvement. Simply put, to best serve our community as a whole, we depend on our community as a whole. Here are a few ideas to get you started!


Consider volunteering with our annual Community Grants Cycle Evaluation Team. The team meets 4–5 times between March and July of each year. Duties include reviewing grant applications, performing site visits, discussing the merits of applications, and then making funding recommendations. Find out more about volunteering with BCF.

Financially Support Our Grant Cycles

BCF receives more requests each year than we can fund on our own. We welcome your support to help fulfill the grant request that sustain the wonderful programs that benefit our community. You can do this in a couple of different ways:

Community Grants Cycle

Become a Fund Advisor. Our Fund Advisor Community Grants Cycle partners are key to the success our annual grantmaking. Together, we are Bainbridge! During the Community Grants Cycle you can visit www.BainbridgeGives.org to directly support the applications that inspire you. When the Community Grants Cycle is not active, you can give to the our Community Grants Cycle partners by setting up a recurring or a one-time donation.

Capacity Building Grants Program

You can also support our Capacity Building Grants program, which helps nonprofits become more effective by increasing their internal capacity to function as a stronger, more effective organization. Online giving is simple and convenient. Please contact us to learn more!