Grants2021 Community Grants Cycle

In It Together

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we all operate. The importance of COVID-19 support will remain a priority during this grants cycle.

We are accepting applications for 2021 CGC applications from all sectors of our nonprofit community serving greater Bainbridge Island starting Wednesday, February 24 and closing Wednesday, March 24 at 5pm. Please do not start your application on the due date.

Application questions remain similar to last year, with new questions on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within each organization and in programs, reflecting the importance the foundation places on this issue. Questions regarding the effects of COVID-19 on the organization are also included.

Community Grants Cycle Timeline

February 24 Application window opens.
March 24 (5pm)  Application window closes.
March 23 – April 1 Orientation and training for the CGC Evaluation Team.
April 5 BCF Grants Evaluation Team meets to begin reviewing applications.
April 6 – April 27 “Site Visit” Window: Members of the BCF CGC Evaluation Team contact the organization to meet via zoom or telephone to discuss the grant application. The team then individually score the application.
May 5 & 6
The Evaluation Teams meet in sector-specific groups to discuss and review applications and make funding recommendation target ranges.
May 12 – June 13

BCF staff meets with online with funders and the public via www.BainbridgeGives.org to help fill the significant gap between the dollars BCF has to fund requests and the approved dollar amount of the applications.

June 15 BCF Board reviews and approves the Community Grants Cycle awards.
June 16 Organizations are notified via email and telephone.

A reminder that final reports from grants awarded during the 2020 Community Grants Cycle are due August 31, 2021.

Does your nonprofit organization want to apply for a Community Grants Cycle award? Here's how!

Investing in Community

The Annual Community Grants Cycle is the heart of the Bainbridge Community Foundation (BCF) grants program. Each year since its inception in 2005, BCF staff and dozens of well-trained community volunteers have spent hundreds of hours reviewing applications, conducting site visits, and setting priorities. BCF discretionary funds provide initial proposal funding; then Fund Advisors and the community at large are invited to partner with BCF to support these important programs. This community-based approach to grant-making ensures that community needs are met — by our own informed and engaged community members.

Funding Sources

In addition to BCF discretionary grant-making funds, we partner with BCF Donor Advisors, private foundations, and other partners. Collaborative/partnership or innovative efforts are considered for the BCF Shel Klasky Award, which focuses on applications that promote a true collaboration between organizations and is funded by donations from board, staff, and Community Grants Cycle team members.

Comparative Overview

Year Grant Total Average Grant Number of Grants
2012 $137,039 $2,538 54
2013 $139,166 $2,840 49
2014 $165,109 $3,839 43
2015 $195,202 $4,067 48
2016 $243,661 $4,597 53
2017 $269,887 $4,353 62
2018 $273,535 $5,583 49
2019 $321,823 $6,310 51
2020 $507,313 $8,430 60

Does your nonprofit organization want to apply for a Community Grants Cycle award? Here's how! Is your organization a BCF grantee in need of our logo? Access the BCF mark here.