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Making a Point

Area of Interest Funds are permanent gifts to Bainbridge Community Foundation (BCF) in support of a particular area of interest, which are used by the foundation to ensure long-term or special support in that area. These funds are a good option for donors who care about specific issues and wish for the foundation to address those issues via the most effective means possible. You can conveniently donate to any of these funds here. If you have questions about Area of Interest Funds, please contact us.

Housing Action Fund  DONATE

The Housing Action Fund is an Area of Interest fund established by BCF in 2009. The fund makes seed money available to nonprofits through revolving loan fund grants to take advantage of affordable housing opportunities.

Community Response Fund  DONATE

Bainbridge Community Foundation’s Community Response Fund provides quick financial resources to nonprofit organizations for urgent health and human service needs on Bainbridge Island, especially during times of economic hardship or human or natural disaster. The COVID-19 pandemic is one of those times. For information on applying to the Community Response Fund, click here.

Bainbridge Youth Sports Access Fund  DONATE

Youth sports are vital to the health and well-being of students, but many Bainbridge Island students cannot afford the cost of participation fees. The Bainbridge Youth Sports Access Fund was established to address the financial barriers to Bainbridge High School youth participating in sports. Grant funds are distributed to Bainbridge High School to youth in need via the school's existing confidential protocol.

Youth Experiences Support (YES) Fund  DONATE

Bainbridge Island students, while often considered to have many resources at their disposal, still face numerous challenges. Almost 5% of the island lives in poverty, according to the latest US Census data, which means there are students in our public schools who are lacking consistent basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing. Even without poverty, our students have a higher perceived rate of alcohol and drug abuse than the state-wide average, according to the 2018 Bainbridge Youth Survey published by the Bainbridge Island School District. Finally, while Bainbridge Island’s depression rate is lower than the state-wide average, according to the 2018 Youth Survey, 32% of 10th graders and 26% of 12th graders report they feel so hopeless for two weeks or more that they stopped doing some of their usual activities within the past year. Family issues, stress, and anxiety are all very real challenges for our students, and they need our help. In 2019, we created Youth Experiences Support (YES) Fund, a partnership among Bainbridge Community Foundation, the Bainbridge Schools Foundation, Bainbridge Youth Services, and Helpline House to help support students manage these stressors. When a student is identified as needing additional help, a quick and confidential application process gives him or her access to funds or services that he or she needs.

To find out more about Area of Interest Funds, please contact us.