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Who is Bainbridge Community Foundation? This video highlights several of BCF's partnerships and activities in the community.


At its Philanthropy Gathering in November 2020, Bainbridge Community Foundation honored the entire Bainbridge community for its incredible resilience during a time of crisis. Watch to learn more.


Curious about the protecting land from development, Margaret and her mother met Bainbridge Island Land Trust staff to learn more about the organization’s work. After meeting with the head of school and her teacher, Margaret organized a read-a-thon and math-o-thon for the second-through fifth-graders at school.

Homestreet Bank first came to Bainbridge Island in 2014. From that point forward, the bank put forth an aggressive plan of community engagement.

Over the course of their thirty-two years on Bainbridge, Glenn and Nancy built a community of friends and creative people who shared their love of Bainbridge’s natural surroundings.

Windermere Bainbridge Island won the 2018 Outstanding Philanthropic Company award for their contributions to nonprofits on the island.

Youth honored for the 2018 Outstanding Young Philanthropist-Youth Volunteers of the Rotary Auction

Steve & Karen Hall honored as the 2018 Outstanding Bainbridge Philanthropists for their impactful contributions to the community.

Bob and Judy Karr have been the epitome of Bainbridge Island stewards. In their years of service and philanthropic leadership, they helped the Island’s largest and smallest organizations alike.

Paul and Debbi Brainerd were honored by Bainbridge Community Foundation for their remarkable support of educational opportunities and environmental stewardship and their ongoing commitment to help nonprofit organizations become more successful and self-sustaining.


For access to more of these videos, click on our YouTube link here.