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Helping Hands

You care about your clients' positive investing experience as much as we do. Bainbridge Community Foundation is a resource for you and a philanthropic partner for your clients. We will be here in perpetuity and are responsive to today's needs in our community, ensuring that the spirit of your clients' gifts will endure.

Fund Types

BCF administers several types of funds that allow your clients to focus on charitable giving and achieve maximum tax deductions. We connect with families personally and engage their philanthropic interests without the costs and administrative burdens of setting up a private foundation. For a full list of fund options, click here. A summary of each fund type at BCF is also below.

We recognize that there are different levels of donor involvement and flexibility in the types of organizations that a donor will support. Contributions to all fund types can be made through outright donations, planned gifts, or through a bequest in a will. We can work with you and your clients on selecting the most appropriate fund type.

What Your Client Gets

With a BCF fund, your clients have access to tools and resources to:

Please review our Outside Advisor Policy and let us know how we serve you by augmenting your client relationships. Call us at 206-842-0433.