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Methods of GivingGifts of Stock

Change Makers

A gift of stock is a convenient means of making a difference in your community.

Donating stock to Bainbridge Community Foundation (BCF) requires a stock transfer from your current brokerage account to BCF’s brokerage account.

The value of a gift of readily marketable stock is the mean between the high and the low share price on the day the stock is received into BCF's account if the transfer goes through our broker. Please call us prior to transfer to tell us which stocks are being transferred, how many shares and the name of fund to which you want them credited.

Please note: A donor’s instructions to a broker to transfer stock are not sufficient to complete the gift. For DTC transfers, the date of the gift is the date that the sale settles and is thus irrevocable.

Step 1

Contact BCF to notify us of a stock gift or transfer and provide the name, company, and phone number of the broker who will be handling the transaction.

Step 2

Contact your broker and give him or her instructions on transferring stock to BCF. You will likely need to provide written instructions with the name of the stock and how many shares you want to gift to BCF. Your broker (or brokerage house) may have a specific process to follow, so make sure to ask them about the process. Please ask your broker to notify BCF once he or she receives the instructions. This step can only be handled by you, the donor.

Step 3

BCF requests that you have your broker call our office so that our staff can smoothly handle the transaction details. The broker should be instructed to call BCF once he or she has received your instructions, and should notify BCF of the stock transfer date. BCF will provide the broker with the BCF account location and number for the incoming transfer.

Step 4

BCF will confirm the stock gift with you, the donor. A tax receipt letter with key information will be sent shortly after the transfer, including the name of the stock, total number of shares gifted, share price, total gift amount, and the date of the gift.

You are invited to download and peruse our Stock Transfer Information (PDF). Please call the BCF office with questions at 206-842-0433. Thank you!

“Sincere thanks for continuing to believe in and support our program at Sakai Intermediate School. Not only does this program help youth develop the ability to understand and engage with conflict in a healthy way, but also it helps in the development of self-confidence and important leadership skills. Your support is a gift to these young people which will last a lifetime.”

—Mary Hancock, Kitsap Dispute Resolution Center, on the center’s Conflict Club