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Investing in Our Children

August 21, 2023

One BCF scholarship recipient recently shared a story of her mother's love and support throughout her life-- from adopting her from an orphanage in South India to helping her thrive with a dyslexia diagnosis. Another scholarship recipient shared her experiences getting involved with her local community in Japan, where she spent several years during high school.

Local philanthropists who have opened scholarship funds through BCF may have different goals in mind, whether it is to support student athletes or help finance careers in the arts. But all share a common objective to nurture the futures of local youth, and all have helped dozens of dedicated students reach their aspirations. The common characteristics that scholarship recipients share is they have shown good character, commitment to their causes, and most importantly, they have grit.

BCF is proud to support these students on their journeys, and we are excited to learn about what they do next. To learn more about BCF's scholarship awards, click here.

BCF Scholarship Recipients