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BCF's Community Report is Here!

September 7, 2023

If you want to deepen your engagement, build a network, or simply learn more about where you live, we can help you strengthen and create roots in this community. BCF's Community Report is a starting point. The report provides an overview of what this community has to offer-- what opportunities await us, and what challenges we will work together to overcome. Now in its third iteration, this report has evolved from a post-COVID pandemic analysis to a broader look at the community as a whole.

On Thursday, September 14, BCF Executive Director Jim Hopper and Community Impact Officer Dana Binnendijk presented in BCF's 2023 Community Report at the Bainbridge Public Library. At the event, participants received a copy of the report and a guide to how all of these topics impact us as individuals and families. The audience also learned about the role of nonprofits, and how they might consider getting involved.

At the presentation, we discussed:

  1. A new framework detailing ten characteristics for a sustainable and supportive community
  2. An analysis on each of the ten characteristics, using local, state, and national data
  3. A description of how nonprofits are supporting our community in these areas

Please reach out to us if you would like us to present to a local special interest group (contact dana@bainbridgecf.org), or if you would like to meet with us to discuss further.