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Free Online Programs on Finances and Investing

February 27, 2023

Financial literacy is empowering—yet good, practical education about financial management is too often out of reach for people, especially those with limited incomes. Former BCF Board Member Paul Merriman—founder of The Merriman Financial Education Foundation—has dedicated his retirement to providing free trainings to all ages about how to secure a more stable financial future. On behalf of BCF, every year Paul organizes free virtual events with speakers who are nationally renowned experts in their fields in order to help educate our community on how to better plan for our futures. This year, each event is targeting a specific age group on topics relevant to their stage in life. These events focus on all ages and levels of financial literacy, including youth, first-time investors who are still in the workforce, and those who have just entered retirement.

To listen to an overview from Paul Merriman, click here.

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