COVID-19For Donors

COVID-19 Resources for Donors

BCF Community Response Fund

The Foundation has a special fund established to help support the community in case of an emergency. This dedicated grantmaking fund, called the Community Response Fund, can give grants to health and human services nonprofit organizations that have a sudden and unexpected need for additional financial resources. Nonprofits can apply to the Community Response Fund, and if accepted, receive funding quickly to help meet the urgent needs of our community in the face of a COVID-19 outbreak. For more information on Area of Interest Funds click here. To donate to the Community Response Fund, click here.

BCF Community Grants Cycle

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Foundation has made general operating support a priority during our 2020 discretionary grantmaking program called the Community Grants Cycle. In future cycles, we will continue to be on the lookout for ways to help support the immediate needs as well as the needs for the recovery that emanate from the COVID-19 outbreak.  For more information on the Community Grants Cycle, click here. To donate to the CGC Partners Fund (your gift will be allocated to applications per the BCF Grants Committee), click here.